Lonely Dancer Project

The code-name of my video game until I decide to give it a public official name, it was picked at random using the old style for secret military operations.

“Is it a secret?”

not in the literal sense, however since I’m new on the game development world i don’t want my ideas for themes and more importantly features to be public yet for diverse reasons, still the main reason to give it a code-name is that I yet have no clear idea of its real name and its easier to call it anything than simply referring to it as “game” and its fun to do.

Here you can find a quick list of important things I reveal about it.

  • its made with Unity 5.
  • models made in Blender.
  • its (maybe) too big to be done by me alone (but i don’t care).
  • has a “unique” feature on the main menu.
  • it was inspired by games like Chrono Trigger and Fable.

This list will be updated as new things are revealed and others become of little importance.