An important lesson

“well it wasn’t so much you can do it again, right?”


-my current state

One of the (if not the) most important rules when working on a digital Project that is going to suck many hours of your life a week is BACK UP YOUR DATA! (im going to write it like that every time to show its importance, get used to it), sadly i learned the importance of BACKING UP YOUR DATA! the hard way: yep my pc broke and i, maybe have lost all and every single part of the game ihacreated so far.

From the still needing a lot of improvements meses of every single building, every carácter (yes both of them), every button, every line of code i had writen down, every feature everything, and everything just because i didn’t BACK UP MY DATA!

Now i say “maybe” because the hard drive could still hold the information but seems to be the case that a part of the information within it got corrupted and now im trying to recover the rest and see what is left of my game if anything. Althought this wouldnt be an isue if i had just BACKED UP MY DATA!

And of course, when i say BACKING UP YOUR DATA i dont mean just have another folder within the same PC,  it is recomended that you periodically plug in an external drive or use some online storage, there are some pretty good storage platforms such as Mega or even Google Drive, both free and offer a good amount of storage but dont trust yourself on online formats either, check periodically and make sure they are holding on your information properly.

However i still advise that if you have the chance you use a fisical device to BACK UP YOUR DATA! they are generally safer in my own personal opinión so dont quote me on that.

Now, i know what you are thinking “Its not a bad idea, but how likely is it that i loose m data, im super carefull when using my pc” but truth is it can happen to anyone, i was lucky all i lost was 2 weeks of my work but even the pros among the pros can have accidents, Toy Story 2 was almost completly erased once by accident (look it up), and any half decent studio wheather animation, videogames, music, programs, etc. BACKS UP THEIR DATA! is not wasted space, is not wasted time, is a safety measure so go ahead and BACK UP YUR DATA!

So yea, i think i made my point this is going to be a shorter post just wanted to share my situation and explain that I might take a bit longer to post again (no more tan 2 weeks i promise), i want to take this chance to rethink the design of the game again, improve a few details, re organize the fetures and focus my efforts on more relevant features for the inmediate, that stuff.

Thats all for now, Bye!


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