The purpose of this blog

“Ok, how should i start this?” -Me, for a couple minutes before actually writing something.

Greetings, id like to introduce myself to you under the pseudonym “aimosom” a name that might sound stupid, however its the best fitting for what i intend.

Let me explain: ever since i was young(er) i always had this idea (call it dream) of making a video game, an idea I’ve pursued several times with different approaches, and yet for some reason never fulfilled. More often than not that reason was that i always found myself thinking too big and faced a lack of skills from my part to develop my vision the way i intended, and never really put on the effort to gather said skills… (until now).

Recently i have been developing certain skills that now allow me to (if not do) understand what is really necessary to make a game just as i want it. True, i still need to hone my skills and figure out a bunch of stuff that might be much more complex than i expect it, I’m ready for that, i know teams of skilled and experienced programmers with millionaire budgets can take years just to make a game (not even from scratch!), and i am in no way one of them. However I want to do this game with a passion and am willing to dedicate a couple (more) years of my life to fulfilling this project.

“What does that have to do with a name?” you ask.

Back in the day my younger self, attempted to motivate himself by creating a blog and went under the same name, I tried to post about every little feature of the game i developed, however i soon found myself “learning” rather than “doing”, and eventually abandoned the blog to other things (I think it’s still online…).

Today i intend to resurrect that dream with a twist, during the many research hours i spent i realized 2 things: there is a lot of information around many places over the web that can help you develop the game of your dreams, and it is really easy to get lost or overwhelmed if you are actually new, making it impossible to even know what information you are looking for; so i thought why don’t I share the knowledge i gather as soon as i gather it?

That way it stays as understandable to people of my level as it can be, and show how have I used it and what can they do with it. Now, I understand this sounds ridiculous “how can I teach something I don’t yet master?”. well remember when you where in school (if you aren’t still there) and you would ask your classmates for help? or when a kid would walk into the classroom and tell everybody he found a new easy way to solve a problem? that’s what I intend! not to be a teacher but to ease you the way to the right teachers with the right questions. And so i will always share the links to the places i found the info so you can check them for yourself.

By the way i should mention I’m not completely blind on the subject i already know C++, which gives me an overview on the basics of how a computer and games work, so i suggest you start learning any programming language, be it python, php, C#, lua, javascript or even visual basic, the idea is that you get an idea of the way the programming world works, none of the above languages is enough (or needs a hell-lot of work) to make a complete game and you might need to learn or relearn a language once you start working on the game itself, but it should work as a starting point, i left links to tutorials for each language, so pick your favorite (don’t ask which one is better they all have their strong and weak points)

“That’s cool, now, didn’t you say something about developing a game yourself?”

Yes i did! thanks for asking quotation mark voice, the main goal of the blog remains to keep you up to date with the progress (whatever it might be) i make on developing my own game, a game i hope gets a lot of people exited, and if I’m honest might be just too big even compared to the pros. however all i can tell you for now is that the original idea came from “Chrono Trigger” and the “Fable” series, however the concept evolved recently with 2 indie games of which you might have heard of: “(Lovesick:?) Yandere Simulator” and “Galatea“, not because of what they are exactly but because i have found great fun following their development and helped me clear my mind on what i really want for my own game (lets give it the code-name “Lonely Dancer” for now).

However i cant dedicate myself full-time to this project, I’m not particularly proud of this but i have a problem with eating, I need to do it every day to stay alive, so actually earning an income from somewhere is crucial at this point in my life, besides i am busy with other parts of my life, therefore the “Lonely Dancer project” should remain a second for now, i think actually devoting full time to this would be great and i can see myself launching a patreon or kickstarter in the future, but not until i have something done and people can at least experience an alpha to play with, hell! even then it might take a while for me to try to make an income on this… so lets forget about that for now.

Besides it’s easier for you to get what I’m doing and saying if I’m not the guy who spends his every minute on the game, and instead am more like an anybody… don’t you think?

I hope to share more info with you next Tuesday, until then dream big!


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